Generator FAQs

Who is TecnogenUSA?

TecnoGenUSA is run by FTG Equipment Solutions, the exclusive North American distributor for TecnoGen products. FTG Equipment Solutions is based in New Castle, Delaware. To find out more about FTG Equipment Solutions and TecnoGen products, click here.

What is the phone number I can call for parts and service?

Call 855-303-7900 for immediate parts and service.

What is the difference between Enermax and Mega Silent series?

Both the TecnoGen Enermax and Mega Silent Series are industry-leading generators that come fully-optioned standard, serving prime power needs ranging from 25kW-1000kW. The main difference between the two series is their handling of sound. The Mega Silent series is outfitted with patented VSi technology that virtually eliminates sound, for any application in which you need a truly silent generator. Compare generators.

How quickly will my gen ship?

Most of our generator models will ship the same day.

How does the generator ship?

Flatbed truck, open van or closed van. We’re happy to arrange shipping or we will work with our customers and their existing shipping channels.

Where can I find information about the warranty?

You can find warranty information on the Parts & Service page.