How TecnoGen Generators Help Marijuana Farmers Prevent Crop Loss

Marijuana farming continues to rise in popularity and demand, with US retail sales of medical and recreational cannabis on track to reach $37 billion by 2024. With these long-term projections, both new and veteran farmers need to ensure that their crops can withstand time and crop loss.

From corn and beans, to wheat and barley—and everything in between—farmers deal with many elements that are out of their control. No matter the crop, all farmers experience devastating crop damage at some point in their careers. Pathogens, pests, extreme weather conditions, or improper farming practices can all contribute to crop loss.

Specifically, marijuana requires a lot of attention in the growing phase and is prone to root rot, dehydration, and fungus when not cared for properly. Protecting marijuana from crop loss and subsequent financial losses is possible with a reliable TecnoGen generator that can provide sufficient power and lighting to greenhouses.

The Cost of Crop Loss and The Threat of Unreliable Greenhouse Power

Currently, 29 states allow medicinal marijuana growth and 8 states allow recreational marijuana growth. In these states, farmers can grow marijuana outdoors or indoors depending on preference, acreage, and expertise.

While outdoor farming is an option for marijuana growers, planting delicate marijuna plants outside exposes the crop to extreme weather conditions. Not to mention, outdoor farming does not provide as much privacy as indoor farming. That’s where greenhouse farming comes into play.

A greenhouse alone won’t protect your marijuana from crop loss. However, supplying your greenhouse with adequate lighting and power will.

Since the two biggest elements that contribute to crop loss are insufficient lighting and power, it is important to keep these under control. Marijuana needs proper lighting to grow. Inadequate or inconsistent lighting, in particular, can put an entire harvest in trouble overnight.

Additionally, marijuana greenhouses need constant power. Even three hours of power loss can lead to significant crop loss. With power blackouts or brownouts running the risk of devastating the harvest, using a generator solves this ever present threat.

Protect your marijuana farm from crop loss and subsequent financial losses with a reliable TecnoGen generator.

Compromising on Generators is Compromising Long-Term Viability

The best way to ensure your greenhouse has sufficient power and lighting? Don’t compromise on your generator. If you’re entering the market or scaling up your marijuana farm, consider outfitting your greenhouse with a Tecnogen generator and set yourself apart from budget greenhouses.

The benefits of our Mega Silent Series, such as the certainty of its performance, powerful technology, and absolute silence when running, provide peace of mind as your plants grow. With 10 power levels, the Mega Silent is a great option for small- to large-scale farms.

The Tecnogen Mega Silent Series comes with the following features:
Heavy duty all steel construction
Easy access panels for maintenance
Market leading engines
True 120V 20A outlets
Multiple cam locks
Triple sealed doors
Skid or trailer mounts

If you’re looking for long-term viability and profitability, Tecnogen’s Mega Silent generator fits the bill.
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Parallel Generators For Large Marijuana Growing Operations

Proper greenhouse management and investment helps reduce the risk of crop loss. But do you know what size generator or how many generators you’ll need?

For large-scale growing operations, we recommend parallel Mega Silent generators. Quiet and efficient when running multiple generators, using parallel Mega Silent generators can take your marijuana farm to the next level—and keep your operation powered to prevent crop loss.

According to Cannabis & Tech Today, “Going with smaller multiple units in parallel will require a little more real estate, but gives you redundancy, longer maintenance intervals, lower fuel costs. You have the advantage of less generators running constantly, due to varying load demands.”

Understanding what technology Tecnogen has to offer your marijuana farm will help you mitigate crop loss.

Off-Grid Power Options Essential for California Growers

As one of the states that allows recreational and medicinal marijuana farming, California is a hotbed for cannabis growers. However, California is also the top state for power outages according to Statista.

Tecnogen provides off-grid power options to keep California greenhouses powered. Insufficient power during a black out that last days, will negatively affect your operations.

Tecnogen is here to help you stay on pace for harvest. Interested in more information? Get in touch with us today.

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