TecnoGen’s Diesel Power Generators for Marijuana Agriculture

See why marijuana farmers trust TecnoGen for the quietest & most reliable generators on the market

TechnoGen carries powerful diesel generators that support marijuana agriculture operations. Farming is a serious business and those in the agriculture industry, need serious tools. For the marijuana agriculture industry especially, farmers need generators to power their operations and stay off the grid.

Technogen carries diesel generators for marijuana agriculture in many sizes and wattages to support any cannabis farm. Demand diesel power generators for your marijuana agriculture operation because they allow you to stay off the grid. Many farmers find it important to stay off the power grid for a few reasons. First, marijuana agriculture farmers cannot afford to lose power. Marijuana is a power-hungry plant and any power outage can jeopardize an entire harvest. Second, staying off the power grid keeps your operation private. For marijuana agriculturalists, privacy is important since not every state authorities marijuana farming, and not everyone—even in states where marijuna agriculture is legal—approve of the business. Nonetheless, these are two great reasons to invest in diesel power generators for marijuana agriculture.

Something that really sets apart TecnoGen diesel generators for marijuana agriculture is that we sell completely silent generators. In the past, generators were seen as loud, constantly purring and disrupting neighbors and surrounding businesses. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore with TechnoGen’s diesel power generators for marijuana agriculture. Our silent generators don’t bother your neighbors and keep your operations private and secure.

How do you know which TecnoGen generator is right for your business? Take a look at some of the options below and why they will work for your marijuana agriculture business.

Minimal Noise for Silent Greenhouse Operations

Our Mega Silent Generators are one of the best for marijuana farming because they output minimal noise for silent greenhouse operations. For whatever reason you’d like privacy for your marijuana farm, be it privacy or nosey neighbors, the Mega Silent Generator by TecnoGen is a great option.

The Mega Silent Series has truly silent generators. Designed to contain and eliminate sound, these generators have low noise levels, low operating temperatures, and low diesel fuel consumption. These generators contain the sound through a sound-reducing firewall between compartments, 2-inch insulation, and triple sealed doors. Eliminating the sound is all in the patented, silent VIS technology. All phases of Mega Silent generators, from 25 kW to 1000 kw also have external fuel connections and truly heavy duty trailers.

The Mega Silent Generators have long runtimes to keep your marijuana agriculture production running. As well as the largest range of prime power needs.

25 kW - 104 kW

This range has smaller fuel tanks that hold 63 - 98 gallons. They can run up to 2 days at a 75% load, keeping your marijuana greenhouse consistently powered. For a quick refuel, rely on the external fuel connections or refill on the spot.

117 kW - 185 kW

Diesel generators in this range have 231 gallon tanks and run 37 hours at 75% load.

212 kW - 276 kW

Diesel generators in this range have an internal fuel capacity of 283 gallons, but also connections to external fuel. Hook up a fuel cube for more run time on the spot.

295 kW - 356 kW

Look to the Mega Silent generators for your marijuana agriculture because they are great for silent greenhouse operations. Even at this prime power range, they are truly silent generators.

525 kW - 572 kW

This powerful generator range uses Volvo engines, Leroy Somer alternators and DeepSea controllers. Get 20 hours of run time with 528 gallons fuel capacity for your large operations.

With our large range of silent generators, you should be able to find one that works for your farm. If you don’t see one that meets your specifications, we always offer customization. As diesel power generators for marijuana agriculture goes, you can’t go wrong with a Mega Silent Generator.

Marijuana farmers trust Mega Silent diesel generators because they are the most silent and reliable in the industry.

Trailer-Mounted Generators For Easy Relocation During Harvest

When your marijuana seedlings reach full maturity as a cannabis plant, it’s time to harvest. Many times, marijuana growers have to move the cannabis to a different location during harvest so that it can properly dry and cure. This change in atmosphere could mean a change in greenhouse nearby or in a different location. Wherever you take your marijuana harvest, there’s a TecnoGen diesel power generator for marijuana agriculture that can follow you thanks to trailer-mounting. Trailer mounting comes standard with our generators, specifically the Mega Silent generator for your silent growing operations or the Enermax generator. If you have a Mega Silent generator powering your marijuana agriculture greenhouse and it’s time to harvest, hitch your generator into your truck and tow it to the next location. There’s no need to keep a generator in situ during harvest because it will just take up space and it’s not even being used. Move your generator with you as you harvest and keep it in use wherever you go next. Because our generators are mobile, you can stay off the grid while using the generator with diesel power, and also move them out of your farm when you’re harvesting to keep your costs down. If you’re looking for consistent LED lighting at all phases of your business, a TecnoGen diesel power generator for marijuana agriculture is reliable and mobile. Not only do greenhouses for marijuana agriculture need generators to power the growing phase, it’s important to have good air circulation as the cannabis dries to prevent the growth of mold and fungus. Mold and fungus can ruin the entire harvest. Maintaining a constant ambient room temperature is important while drying marijuana and the best way to maintain the temperature is by keeping air circulating and the greenhouse powered with a diesel generator for marijuana agriculture.

Tier-4 Compliant Generators for Efficient, Economic Performance

Diesel generators are subject to EPA regulations. Both Enermax and Mega Silent generators have Tier-4 certification. They do not have run-time restrictions, which gives farmers flexibility to use their generators wherever and whenever they want. Our tier-4 compliant generators are great for efficient, economic performance. As farmers are environmentally conscious, this is another benefit of TecnoGen generators.

Meet EPA regulations and get consistent power to your greenhouse with a Tier-4 compliant diesel generator for marijuana agriculture.

Designed To Operate Consistently in High Heat & Humid Conditions

TecnoGen Mega Silent and Enermax generators are designed to operate consistently in high heat and humid conditions. Both heat and humidity are needed for marijuana agriculture, so choosing a generator that can support the growing and drying operations, gives you one less thing to worry about during a high-maintenance process.

Here are five TecnoGen features that support your growing operations.

1. Camlocks: MegaSilent and Enermax Generators (and all TecnoGen generators) come with camlocks built directly into the generator. You don’t need a feed line and extension cord if you use one of our generators. If you need to temporarily plug into a power grid, there’s no extra set up to plug in. Use your camlock directly on your generator and get back to growing. Marijuana agriculture cannot tolerate power outages because they contribute to crop loss. Get a generator with camlocks built in and save yourself and your crops that extra step.

2. Vsi Technology: This patented technology is standard in Mega Silent generators. Vsi (variable speed inverter) technology manages the flow of cooling air in an innovative way. The air flows are adjusted according to the load of energy to be produced and the existing ambient temperature. This cooling system helps you maintain a constant temperature.

3. Triple sealed doors and 2” insulation: In the Mega Silent Generator, these features help contain and reduce sound for your silent growing operation.

4. Control panel by Deep Sea: Quickly check on the status of your generator with easy to read labels and readouts. You won’t miss when your tank is empty or any other notifications with the Deep Sea controller standard on our diesel generators.

5. Market leading engine: depending on the prime power, our generators use a Volvo, FPT or Kohler engine that all have expansive support networks. Your greenhouse needs constant power to maintain LED lighting in the greenhouse. These powerful engines are enough for powerful growing operations.

When you’re ready for a reliable, customizable diesel generator for marijuana agriculture,

look no further than TecnoGen’s line of Mega Silent generators or the Enermax Series.